Multi-Store: How to set up remote Special Orders

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Setup

Note: To create remote special orders, you must allow remote inventory changes. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Company tab. In the Special Orders pane, check Enable Multistore Special Order Functionality. Optional: Select the Allow Special Orders to Create Customers checkbox. Note:  Each time a new customer account is […]

Multi-store only: Remote P.O. receiving safeguard

Knowledge Base, Process, Purchase Orders

This feature is only for multi-stores that have the remote update feature turned on. If you want to turn on this feature, contact Paladin Customer Support. When you receive inventory for a different store, Paladin checks the connection to the remote store’s server to make sure it is working correctly. If there is a communication […]

Multi-store only: Primary, Backup, and Remote servers

Knowledge Base, Policy, Process

When you start Paladin Point of Sale on a terminal in a multi-store environment, the terminal’s primary and backup database server settings are automatically synced with storewide defaults. This safeguard prevents a terminal from connecting to an incorrect server and eliminates potentially costly troubleshooting. If a computer, such as the backup server, requires custom primary […]

Multi-Store: Alternate Sales Report

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Reports

This feature is Multi-store only. Multi-store Paladin users have available the Alternate Sales report that accompanies end-of-month customer accounts receivable statements. The Alternate Sales report focuses on customer accounts that were defined with Open Item accounting systems. A historic component of open item accounting is to display every unpaid invoice and unapplied credit regardless of […]

Multi-Store: Enable PO copy to other stores

Knowledge Base, Purchase Orders, Setup

A function common to many multi-store operations is to create a purchase order for one store and copy or duplicate the PO into other store’s pending purchase orders. In Paladin, purchase order creation is unchanged; you just need to set the Enable Copy PO To Other Stores function.  If the feature has been enabled AND […]

Multi-Store: Store Zero (0) parameters

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

This KBA is for multi-stores only. Paladin maintains a master copy of all inventory items. Paladin maintains this data as belonging to Store 0. Anytime there is a change in physical locations to the Corporate location, data is stored for Store 0. For a multi-store client, each store maintains a significant amount of store-specific inventory […]