This KBA is for multi-stores only.

Paladin maintains a master copy of all inventory items. Paladin maintains this data as belonging to Store 0. Anytime there is a change in physical locations to the Corporate location, data is stored for Store 0.

For a multi-store client, each store maintains a significant amount of store-specific inventory data, but if a store has not set a store-specific value for a particular field, the values contained in the inventory master record (Store 0) are used to complete the record. More and more store-specific data is being stored, which means that less dependence is being placed on the master Store 0 data, and fewer actions automatically update the master record.

Paladin keeps Store 0 data current with all manual changes (that are appropriate) by adding a new line to the remote update information box. The list of all distant stores in an Enterprise includes a listing for Store 0, Corporate location. This store is automatically checked for updates just as all remote stores are (that have this inventory item in stock). You may uncheck the update box for Store 0, but most situations warrant simultaneous update of the Master Record.

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Printed on: 12/07/22