Multi-store databases accumulate large quantities of data. Over time, this data will slow down your Paladin Point of Sale system.  To ensure that your store runs efficiently, we archive data that has a low likelihood of needing to be recalled.  If an invoice or other archived item is needed, contact Paladin Support to retrieve the item at no cost.  Data that is required to run a store is never archived.

Archived data

  • Invoices older than 13 months that have no customer account numbers, rewards numbers, or identified customers associated with them. While we consider it unlikely that a store would want to recall an invoice that is not associated with a customer in your database, we can retrieve it for you.
  • Credit card signatures older than 6 months have relatively large image files that take up a lot of space in your database. We have never been asked to retrieve an archived credit card signature.  We do not archive charge account signatures.
  • EDI history records older than 6 months are outdated by several hundred reports.  We have never known any store that uses or asks for this data.
  • Operational data that is not viewable by end users and is not required to run the store.

More information

  • The PaladinDataArchive database is created on the Publisher when the data archiving service is turned on by our Paladin multi-store replication team.  
  • Data from the main PaladinData database is moved to the PaladinDataArchive database.
  • The PaladinDataArchive database is backed up once per month and the archived data is kept for two years.
  • The PaladinData database has more space, smaller backup files, and shorter backup times, so it runs more efficiently with Paladin Point of Sale.

If you need data restored from the PaladinDataArchive database, call Paladin Support at 800-725-2346 (press option 2) or send a message to



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Printed on: 6/27/19