Note:  Data archiving is only available for multi-store versions of Paladin Point of Sale (as of June 2016).

The purpose of data archiving is to remove older data from the main PaladinData database and store it in an archive database named PaladinDataArchive.

This frees up space in the PaladinData database, so that it can work more efficiently with Paladin Point of Sale. It also decreases the PaladinData database backup size and time.

Archived data can be returned to a store’s database if needed. Data that is required to run a store is never archived.

The data archiving process moves the following data to the PaladinDataArchive database nightly between 2:00 am–4:00 am:

  • Invoices older than 13 months that have no customer account numbers associated with them
  • Credit card signatures older than 6 months
  • Inventory sales history records older than 13 months
  • EDI history records older than 6 months

The Paladin multi-store replication management team turns this system on for stores that would benefit from it. Other than noticing smaller back up files and shorter backup times, the process is transparent to the store.

PaladinDataArchive backups occur once a month and are kept for 2 years. The PaladinDataArchive database is created on the Publisher when the data archiving service is turned on.

If you need data restored from the PaladinDataArchive database, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2) or

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Printed on: 10/21/18