In the Help Portal (, you can search for information in five libraries:  Knowledge Base, Webinars, Videos, Features, and Paladin News.

The Knowledge Base is a library of articles for do-it-yourself (DIY) learning.  If you only want to search the Knowledge Base library, do this:  On the Help Portal home page, in the left navigation bar, click Knowledge Base.  This is what you will see, except that more About articles will be listed:

In the list of Articles by topic, click a topic, and a list of linked articles will appear.

Or you can search the more traditional way:  In the grey search bar, enter keywords or a title.

If you are on a smart phone or tablet, which have small screen sizes, you may see a black box with three lines, that looks like this:

To return to the library navigation pane, click the black box.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact

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Printed on: 5/16/22