Paladin takes pride in our outstanding customer support, and we are always looking for ways to be even more efficient and responsive. Available from the Paladin Help menu, the Help Request system collects details about your request and Paladin configuration so we can efficiently assign and respond to your support needs.

With the Help Request Portal, Paladin clients experience even more efficient and responsive support:

  • Paladin automatically collects important information about your Paladin system when you ask for help.
  • The Help categories quickly direct your request to the most knowledgeable support team.
  • Paladin products and customer service continue to adapt to your needs using the data we collect.

This article provides instruction and information on the following:

How it works

To  access the Help Request Portal:

  1. In Paladin, on the top menu, select Help > Support.
  2. Select from one of the following three categories:
  • Chat Support: Let’s you connect to a live chat with a Paladin support representative.
  • Submit a Help Request: Let’s you create a new request for help.
  • View Active Requests: Let’s you view and add attachments to an existing request. You can also update the request’s contact phone or email.

New Support Menu
Figure 1: Paladin Help Support categories

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Chat Support

Chat support connects you to a Paladin Support Representative that will communicate to you live for any immediate questions you may have.

When you click on Chat Support, the following message appears telling you to not enter any confidential information:

Figure 2: Chat Support message window

Click OK to open the Chat Support window that shows the Paladin Support Representative you are chatting with. Enter your questions/issues and press F8 Send. In the lower left-hand corner, a message shows that the Paladin Support Representative is responding.

Figure 3: Chat Support activity

When you are done chatting with the Paladin Support Representative, exit out of the window.

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Submit a Help Request

If you need help immediately for less-urgent needs, you can Submit a Help Request from the Help menu in Paladin.

Because store-down emergencies are critical, the help request process will first ask if you are experiencing store-down emergency. The message contains a list of qualified store-down emergency scenarios. If you are experiencing one of these emergencies, click Yes to receive immediate support. Otherwise, click No.

Store Down Emergency Question window
Figure 4: Submit a Help Request window/Store down scenarios

If you are experiencing a store-down emergency, call 800-725-2346, option 2 to get immediate help. Otherwise, click  No to select from a detailed list of categories and subjects and provide more details. Figure 5 shows the non-emergency Help Request form.

Help Request Form
Figure 5: Non-emergency Help Request form

  1. Select the Category and Subject (if available) that best matches your need. Good choices will expedite your request to the most knowledgeable team.
  2. Enter a detailed Description of your request and provide a contact Phone number and Email address.
  3. If a Paladin Support has provided you with a support code for this emergency, enter it in the Code box.
  4. Click F7 Submit to send your request.

After you submit a new Help Request, you will receive a Help Request ID.

This ID will also be sent to the contact email address you entered.

Help Request submitted and ID
Figure 6: Submit a Help Request window with Help Request ID

Help Request Confirmation Email
Figure 7: Help Request received email

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View Active Requests

When you want to view a list of open (active) Help Requests, or add notes or attachments, select View Active Requests.

View Active Help Requests
Figure 8: View Active Help Requests

To view and add additional notes to a Help Request, or to add an attachment, click its magnifying glass and a Help Request Details window appears.

Open Help Request Details
Figure 9: Help Request Details window

On the Details tab, you can view your original Help Request description and update contact info. You cannot edit the Title or Description. However, Paladin Support may change the title to better represent your request.

You can make changes to the contact Phone and Email; make sure you click F8 Save to save the changes.

On the Notes tab, you can enter a new note and view previous notes. If you enter a new note, click F8 Save.

Help Request Notes Tab
Figure 10: Help Request notes

On the Attachments tab, click Add Attachment to select and add a file from your computer to the Help Request. Attachments are saved immediately.

Help Request Attachments Tab
Figure 11: Help Request attachments

When you are done, click F8 Save, and then close the window to return to the View Active Help Requests window.  

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*Content is subject to change. For the most recent version, visit the Help Portal.
Printed on: 12/07/22