Paladin contains a server-based service that is always running. One of the service’s many tasks is to perform a full data validation function every night. In user triggered events, such as EDI processing, Paladin will only run the full data validation system IF the previous validation is older than 20 hours.

In most cases, Paladin will automatically detect and configure this feature for automatic operation.

To verify that the settings are correct:

  1. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Company tab.
  3. In the Paladin Service pane:
    • The first option, Run on Terminal Id, displays the primary server’s terminal number. You may edit this (or set it initially) by entering the Servers Terminal ID (found in Help > About).
    • The second option, Data Validation Runs At, displays the default value of “3″ for 3:00 AM. Do not set this to a time that could conflict with other service-based and scheduled tasks. Most single store servers perform their backups at 11:15 PM, upload Ace Rewards data at 07:00 UTC (about midnight pacific time), restart themselves at 1:00 AM and perform a full virus scan at 2:00 AM.

4. If changes are made, click Save, and then click Close.

Important: Do not turn servers or backup servers off at night. If they are off, they can’t perform their nighttime updating and housekeeping jobs.

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Printed on: 1/28/22