Accounts Receivable: Manage supplier returns

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This article covers the following:  Overview Set up supplier return management using accounts receivable and replacement purchase orders Create an accounts receivable entry for a supplier return Process a replacement purchase order and automatically adjust the supplier A/R account Credit the supplier account for a monetary reimbursement Overview The supplier return management feature tracks items […]

How to create the Accounting Summary Report

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The Accounting Summary Report provides a real-time, itemized snapshot by customer of account balances, past-due balances, the last account payment, and more.  The following totals appear for all customer accounts at the end of the report: Taxable Sales: Total of all taxable sales that were charged to a customer account. IMPORTANT: This value includes the Sales […]

Multi-Store: Alternate Sales Report

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This feature is Multi-store only. Multi-store Paladin users have available the Alternate Sales report that accompanies end-of-month customer accounts receivable statements. The Alternate Sales report focuses on customer accounts that were defined with Open Item accounting systems. A historic component of open item accounting is to display every unpaid invoice and unapplied credit regardless of […]