How to create OLCC reports

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Stores that sell alcohol must send the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) specific reports, which are uploaded to an FTP site. Paladin now has an automated feature that create these reports and uploads them to OLCC’s FTP site. Reports are also saved to the client’s computer at: C:\PaladinPOS\Export\OLCC_Reports\ The report types are: Daily sales (sent […]

LTSR catalog for labels, tags, signs, and reports

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View the LTSR catalog The LTSR catalog provides images and printer support for item labels, tags, signs, and reports that can be printed from Paladin Point of Sale and the Microsoft Access Templates. Tags include the following: Bin tags Shelf tags Item tags Sale tags Quantity break tags Learn more:  About the Microsoft Access Template […]

Inventory Master Report

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About the Master Report The Master Report provides active inventory details including price, margin, SOH, and inventory sales totals. The report has four format options: Send to PDF: Creates a PDF document with inventory item details. Export to Excel: Creates an Excel spreadsheet with inventory item details. Summary by Dollar to Excel: Creates an Excel spreadsheet […]

Microsoft Access Templates

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With the Microsoft Access Templates, you can create and print labels, tags, signs, and reports from within Paladin. This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to download the Microsoft Access Templates How to select/print/reset bin tags using Microsoft Access How to create reports with the Microsoft Access Templates How to download the […]

How to create the Customer Transaction Details Report

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On the top ribbon, click the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, under Sales Analysis, select What I Need to Know. In the Report List pane, select Transaction Report, and then click F12 Next. In the Transaction Report window, in the Report Settings pane, enter a wide date range. In the Additional Settings pane, […]