How to create the Bin Tag Information File Report

Knowledge Base, Reports

On the top ribbon, click the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, click Inventory, and then click Labels. In the Report List pane, click Bin Tag Information File, and then click Next or press F12. In the Settings pane, specify the inventory that you want to evaluate for new bin tags. In the Additional […]

LTSR catalog for labels, tags, signs, and reports

Knowledge Base

View the LTSR catalog The LTSR catalog provides images and printer support for item labels, tags, signs, and reports that can be printed from Paladin Point of Sale and the Microsoft Access Templates. Tags include the following: Bin tags Shelf tags Item tags Sale tags Quantity break tags Learn more:  About the Microsoft Access Template […]

Print Later flag

EDI, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

The Print Later flag is a check box that, when selected, identifies items that need a new big tag. This check box is in the Inventory module, on the General tab, in the Item Information pane. To print labels based on the Print Later flag, use the Bintag Format reports in the Reports module. The […]

Generated bin tags when mfg part numbers change

Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

Note: Ace Hardware EDI processing generates bin tags when the manufacturer part number changes.  To generate a new bin tag when an item’s manufacturer part number is changed by an EDI process, follow these steps: In paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Company tab. In the Tag Styles pane, under […]

True Value broken carton variable pricing

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process

When True Value Tiered Pricing EDI files are processed, store retail prices are set to the “Suggested Retail” price for an item when the “Variable Retail Price” is zero. The item’s “Variable Pricing Method Code” is also prepended (added to the front of) the Broken Carton field. When this code is present, the new information […]