Paladin Mobile2 apps extend Paladin software features onto mobile platforms. Mobile2 apps work on most Android devices and are free to Paladin clients. Mobile apps sync with your Paladin database over the Internet using Wi-Fi or your cellular network.

These apps must be set up by Paladin Support. To get started, email with your app setup request.

This Mobile2 app

Let’s you do this


  • Sell anything from your store anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Search your stores customer and inventory database to add to the invoice.
  • Scan inventory items from the device.
  • Capture signatures for credit card sales and house account (charge) sales on the mobile device.
  • Build quotes in the app and recall later in Paladin. 
  • Honor promotions, sales, and trade discounts.
  • Accept multiple payment types including: cash, check, credit card, and house account (charge).
  • All invoices, quotes, sales, and inventory counts updates created in the app are identified as mobile checkout items in Paladin.

Learn more in our Mobile2Checkout webinar


  • View and manage deliveries that were scheduled in Paladin.
  • Enter notes and take pictures with the mobile device. 
  • Accept signatures.
  • Modify delivery quantities (reduce quantity only) for automatic crediting in a new invoice.
  • View real-time delivery status, as well as notes and pictures, on a Paladin terminal in your store.

Learn more in our Mobile2Deliver webinar


  • Provides a customer-facing view of invoice line items, quantities, and prices.
  • An inexpensive alternative to one-line customer-facing pole displays


  • Shows invoice line items, quantities, and prices to a customer during checkout.    
  • Incorporates an alternative signature pad on the tablet or mobile device.
  • Useful for drive-up windows sales and addresses accessibility needs.
  • An inexpensive alternative to one-line customer facing pole displays.

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Printed on: 10/05/22