Reports: Sales Tax Details

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The Sales Tax Details report provides state, county, and city tax details by invoice line item and includes a tax summary with taxable and non-taxable sales totals. The report opens as an Excel worksheet and can be created for a period of up to 31 days. The following shows an example of the line items […]

Avalara AvaTax™ only: Customer tax exempt code added

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This feature is for stores that use the Avalara AvaTax™ service with Paladin Point of Sale. In the Customers module, in the Electronic tab, you can select a tax exemption reason for a customer account in the Avalara Tax Exempt Code list. If a customer account’s State tax value (on the Customers tab) is set […]

How to create a Comparative Revenue Report

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Note: The Comparative Revenue Report must be run on the same day that you run the Transaction Report with monthly service charges.  Learn more:  How to create the Transaction Report that shows monthly service charges In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Sales Analysis > Revenue. In […]