This feature is for stores that use the Avalara AvaTax™ service with Paladin Point of Sale.

In the Customers module, in the Electronic tab, you can select a tax exemption reason for a customer account in the Avalara Tax Exempt Code list.

Avalara Tax Exempt Code

If a customer account’s State tax value (on the Customers tab) is set to None, the customer is tax-exempt, and the Tax Exempt Code (on the Electronic tab) must display a reason other than Non Exempt.

If the State tax value and the Tax Exempt Code are incompatible, an informational message is displayed when you try to save customer account changes.

To give a customer tax-exempt status:

Note: These steps only apply to stores that use Avalara AvaTax™ with Paladin Point of Sale.

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module.
  2. Search for and display the customer’s account.
  3. On the bottom ribbon of the module, click F8 Tax.
  4. In the Tax Window, in the State column, select None.
  5. Click F12 Finish.
  6. Click the Electronic tab.
  7. In the Alternate Customer IDs pane, select a Tax Exempt Code.
  8. Click F12 Save.

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Printed on: 5/18/22