How to assign RF printers

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Paladin lets you choose a different printer each time you login to an RF terminal. With this, you can mix-and-match RF terminals and RF printers in your store. To use this feature, you must first add the printers in Paladin. Afterwards, you can select a printer when you login to an RF terminal. If you […]

RF terminal inventory exporter

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Users can generate an inventory export file specific to items scanned with Paladin’s RF terminals. No reprogramming is necessary on any of the current RF terminals to support the feature. The data collection phase is an action you may already be utilizing in your store. Step one is to review if a pending RF-generated PO […]

Item Tags from the RF

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During login to the RF, the Printing Method options of All Bin Tags or Changed Bin Tags now has a third option of Item Tags. This option is displayed anytime Setup has defined a default RF Item Tag, and the print output device was selected as either the Attached Printer or the desktop Label Printer. […]