How to restore/activate a customer account

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To recall/activate a customer account that has been “deleted” perform the following: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module. On the bottom ribbon, select F1 Advanced Lookup. In the Advanced Lookup window, in the Keyword Search box, enter the customer’s name. Click Find >>. You will notice that the when the customer […]

How to upgrade from Firebird 2.5 to Firebird 3.0

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Note: Before installing Firebird 3.0, you need to backup your database; then, Firebird 2.5 needs to be uninstalled before Firebird 3.0 installation. Installation must be performed in the followed order: Backup the database Uninstall Firebird 2.5 Install Firebird 3.0 Restoring the database Backup the database Note: Paladin strongly recommends using FlameRobin to back up a […]