A Paladin Configuration setting lets you choose how inactive (deleted) inventory items are handled when they are scanned or manually-entered in the Invoice/Quote module.

To set up deleted (inactive) inventory items in the Invoice/Quote module:

  1. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Invoice (Store) tab.
  3. In the Invoice pane, in the Deleted Part Behavior list, select one of the following options:
    • Auto Restore
    • Prompt For Restore 
    • Part Number Not Found
  4. Click Save, and then click Close.

Figure 1: Paladin Configuration/Invoice (Store) tab/Invoice pane/Delete Part Behavior

This setting gives you the following three options.

  • Auto Restore: Automatically restore the deleted inventory item to active status and add it to the invoice.
  • Prompt for Restore: Asks whether to restore the deleted inventory item to active status.
    • If you click Cancel, the inventory item is not restored and will not be added to the invoice.
  • If you click F8 Restore, the deleted inventory item is restored to active status and added to the invoice.

    Prompt to activate inactive item
    Figure 2: Restore Part window/Restore message

  • Part Number Not Found: [Default] Displays a message that the part number was not found. The item will not be added to the invoice.

    Part number not found message
    Figure 3: Part Number Not Found window alert message

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Printed on: 12/07/22