Accounting for deleted inventory items

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This article provides information on the way deleted inventory items can be accounted for in Paladin. Note: Inventory items are not “deleted.” They are inactivated and can be restored. For more on this, see the KBA: How to restore/activate an inventory item Deleting an inventory item with non-zero stock-on-hand When you delete an inventory item […]

How to cancel back orders (B/O)

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 Anyone utilizing purchase orders to non-EDI vendors will find this a significant. Clients can mix purchase order receiving and cancellations of known back orders within the same receiving event.  To utilize this feature, check the Cancel B/O box at the far left edge of any PO line item (the column is labeled DEL). The automatically […]

Remember PO Receive mode

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Paladin PO Receive system has a “remember where I was” control. Should you leave PO Receive to work in another area, when you return,  press Alt > 4. Your screen will automatically display your PO Receive event in progress and restore focus on the exact line and input field from which you left.  In cases […]

Quick glance of inventory in a PO

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Frequently during review of a PO, a quick glance at an item’s sales history or list of alternate suppliers could be useful. You may now view any purchase order line item’s inventory file with a single keystroke.    To perform this, highlight any part number on your purchase order. Notice the grayed out F5 P.O. […]

PO Receive Report

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The PO Receive report details three quantity columns (Qty Ord, Qty Received, and Qty B/O) along with extension columns for Order Extension, Received Extension, and B/O Extension. We suggest using the Received Extension to simplify the A/P reconciliation. This report is available from two locations within Paladin. You can: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, […]