Frequently during review of a PO, a quick glance at an item’s sales history or list of alternate suppliers is useful. You may now view any purchase order line item’s inventory file with a single keystroke.   

To perform this, highlight any part number on your purchase order. Notice the grayed out F5 P.O. Receive button on the bottom ribbon is now replaced with a F5 Recall Inventory command. By pressing F5 Recall Inventory, the highlighted item is instantly displayed on the inventory screen. Perform your review of the item, and when done,  press Alt > 4 (hold the Alt down and press the number 4). You are returned to the previous position in your purchase order.

Note: The F5 Recall Inventory command button is grayed out and unavailable for use when focus or highlight is on a blank line, Note field line, or anytime multiple lines are selected.

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Printed on: 12/07/22