Anyone utilizing purchase orders to non-EDI vendors will find this a significant. Clients can mix purchase order receiving and cancellations of known back orders within the same receiving event. 

To utilize this feature, check the Cancel B/O box at the far left edge of any PO line item (the column is labeled DEL). The automatically populated received quantity will reset to zero. If you actually received part of your order, simply enter the number received. The balance of the original order will be cancelled upon completion processing of this receiving event (i.e. if you cancel a receiving event, nothing is updated).

Should you review a purchase order after it has been completed, these canceled back orders are easy to identify and understand. The ORD/REC column displays the original order quantity over the top of the received quantity. The next column to the right, labeled “Receive”, will display zero.

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Printed on: 5/20/22