How to delete (inactivate) an inventory item

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process

In Paladin, you can delete an inventory item. When an inventory item is “deleted”, it is not permanently deleted; it is just put in an inactive state. The inventory item can be restored/activated. Note: To restore/activate an inventory item, see How to restore/activate an inventory item To delete/inactivate an inventory item: In Paladin, on the […]

How to create or restore an inactive department

Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

A department with invoice or inventory records can be removed from the list of active departments.  An inactive department will not appear in Advanced Lookup, report selection criteria, or active inventory department lists.  However, you can still view it.  You can also restore the department back to active status. Note: You can only delete/mark a […]

Exclude inactive (deleted) customer accounts

Customers, Knowledge Base, Process, Setup

Note: To “inactive” a customer account in Paladin, you actually have to “delete” a customer account. This is rather confusing, and a change to the wording will be coming in future releases. But until then, rest assured that the customer account is not “deleted” and is put in an “inactive” state where they can be […]