LTSR catalog for labels, tags, signs, and reports

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View the LTSR catalog The LTSR catalog provides images and printer support for item labels, tags, signs, and reports that can be printed from Paladin Point of Sale and the Microsoft Access Templates. Tags include the following: Bin tags Shelf tags Item tags Sale tags Quantity break tags Learn more:  About the Microsoft Access Template […]

About Microsoft Access Templates

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With the Microsoft Access Templates, you can create and print labels, tags, signs, and reports from Paladin Point of Sale. To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA). KBA Title Area  How to download the Microsoft Access Templates  Maintain  How to process labels with the Microsoft Access Templates  Set up–Company  How to […]

5 Reasons Why Labels Are Important


Why is it so important to pay attention to labels? Because you can cause serious harm to yourself, that’s why. There are multiple reasons why labels are important: they help us tell the difference between “stop” and “yield,” or “on sale” and “free.” There are many kinds of labels out there that we read and […]