Paladin POS now supports and automatically processes the DIB family of dollar off coupons. The data to drive this new customer friendly program is transmitted to your store inside the existing file maintenance download files. As each coupon is reviewed and processed, the “retail” price of each coupon is set to a negative value. This allows a coupon to be scanned, recalled from inventory and a line item credit offered to the customer.

Store owners should evaluate two considerations before accepting these new coupons:

  1. Verify that File – Settings – Company – Obscure File Access is enabled for Invoice/Quote for supplier Do It Best. 
  2. Understand the requirements in your State as to how sales tax is to be impacted by these coupons. If the coupon is considered to reduce the amount of the invoice, and reduce the sales tax collected, no additional setup is required. If your State considers coupons a form of payment, and tax is due on the original price, you must exempt the coupon dept from sales tax. This will cause the tax due on the purchase not to be reduced by the credit offered. Enter File – Setup – Dept and highlight department 1 (as specified by DIB) on the left side of the screen. Check the box for all three tax districts setting this dept to non-taxable. Click Save. Verify no other taxable product is in Dept 1. 

As with ANYTHING added to your store that has sales tax implications, you should thoroughly test the use of these coupons before using them in your store. Two heads up items that could inhibit coupons from being set to Dept 1 are:

  1. File – Settings – Supplier – Update Departments could be set to NO.
  2. Inventory EDI field lock “padlock” on Department could be locked preventing EDI update of the dept field.

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