Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

If your business doesn’t require automatic generation of a printed receipt with every sale, you may now disable this feature inside Paladin POS. Click File – Setup – Invoice (Store), click the “Disable Automatic Receipt at Checkout” checkbox to select it, and then click Save to disable this feature. The Paladin POS payment wizard will still display the “do you want another copy” message which does allow the sales person to print the receipt.

We suggest that the decision to disable this feature be carefully considered. It is our opinion that mandatory receipt printing reduces opportunity and temptation for a cashier to cancel a sale after it is paid (and place the money somewhere other than the cash drawer and then cancel the sale) in an environment where receipts do not automatically print. Everyone believes they hire honest and trustworthy staff. History shows us that unfortunately this goal isn’t always achieved.


This feature has been present in our pharmacy enabled stores for about a year. We have moved this feature out of Pharmacy setup and made it available to all Paladin POS users on the Invoice (Store) tab in setup. Pharmacies that were utilizing the “Disable Automatic Receipt at Checkout” will need to re-select the option on the Invoice (Store) tab.

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