Paladin 2021-E Release Guide

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Our 2021-E release contains the following features and enhancements as well as behind-the-scenes improvements to help keep your store running smoothly and efficiently. 2021-E release build 2.2110.4607.2 New Features Our latest 2021-E release includes four new and significant purchase order features: Add supplier instructions to a purchase order Create purchase order reminder notes Create a […]

About Paladin Releases

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Release Release guide Release build 2021-E Paladin 2021-E Release Guide  4607.2 2021-D Paladin 2021-D Release Guide 4520.3 2021-C Paladin 2021-C Release Guide 4436.4 2021-B Paladin 2021-B Release Guide 4326.6 2021-A Paladin 2021-A Release Guide 4247.9

New Admin Access level replaces Admin passwords

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This feature does not apply to stores that use TranSentry credit card processing. Admin passwords will still be required for those stores. Admin access will be granted via a new Admin Access permission setting in the Access Levels pane on the Employees tab in Paladin Configuration (File > Setup). With this change, all employees with an […]

Signatures are no longer collected for EMV (chip) card purchases

New Features

Visa and Mastercard have removed the signature requirement for EMV (chip) credit card purchases. A signature no longer affects the arbitration process for disputed EMV transactions, regardless of the transaction amount. You can read more from Visa here. To support this change and streamline your checkout process, Paladin will no longer collect signatures for EMV […]

Accounting report added for additional item fees

New Features

Many products now incur additional fees set by government and regulatory agencies for recycling or environmental remediation.  Currently, Paladin makes it easy to automatically include these fees at checkout by using an existing Paladin feature. However, as multiple fees are added, we recognize the need for detailed reporting. To accomplish this, we’ve added a new […]

Ace Hardware: Get real-time remote stock on hand at your Ace Hardware RSC

New Features

Two new Paladin features provide real-time remote stock on hand (SOH) information for your Ace Hardware Retail Support Center (RSC).  Get real-time RSC stock on hand for any inventory item The first feature uses the existing Stock Check or Transfer (multi-store) feature on the bottom ribbon in the Inventory and PO modules. Open an inventory […]

Paladin 2020 Release Guide

New Features

Paladin Data Corporation is excited to announce their Summer 2020 Release including multiple new integrations, a new and more efficient Help system and many new features.

EMV: Scan credit cards to put them on-file

New Features

If you are an EMV-enabled store, you can now swipe credit cards to put them on-file. Note: This feature is already available for stores that do not use EMV. To swipe the card instead of manually-enter the card number, when you start the on-file process, in the Device Manager window, clear (deselect) the Manual Entry […]