Admin Access level replaces Admin passwords

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Note: This feature does not apply to stores that use TranSentry credit card processing. Admin passwords are still required for those stores. This feature eliminates admin passwords. When an employee with Admin Access attempts to access a Paladin feature/setting that requires admin permission, they will have immediate access with no password required.  To set this […]

Take Paladin with You on the Go

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Our innovative platform and intuitive point of sale already deliver complete control of your business. Now take it with you on the go with our mobile devices and apps. The Touch Dynamic Quest III and Samsung Tab Active2 paired with our Mobile2 suite of applications give you access to Paladin anywhere you have WiFi or cellular service.

Track Inventory with Our New Serialization Feature

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Serial numbers are unique identifiers for individual items, not just products, so they can be used for inventory tracking which is a vital part of inventory control. It’s often necessary to track the sales or use of items such as cell phones, guns, home electronics, power tools or light equipment.  

Our latest addition to Paladin’s proprietary Market Driven Inventory Management allows businesses to create these records which can help track the service or repair history of rental items, sales transactions and ownership records, and warranty information. 

Paladin’s Charles Owen describes how using this powerful new tool puts your data to work and improves your inventory processes. 

Enhance Operations with Managed Network

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Cybersecurity can be a scary thing for businesses nowadays. Cybercrime is expected to top $6 trillion annually by 2021 and nearly half of those crimes are against small businesses. Our Managed Network offering blocked more than a million security threats this past year and remedied countless bandwidth-hogging activities that interfered with our clients’ business networks.

Quick access menus

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Speed up invoicing and purchase order processing with Paladin’s quick access menus. Right-click any line item on an invoice or purchase order, and get immediate access to commonly-used tasks and tools. This article provides instruction and information on quick access menus for the: Invoice/Quote module PO module Invoice/Quote module To open the quick access menus […]