1. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module or press ALT+3.
  2. Search for and display the inventory item.
  3. Click the Pricing tab or press PgDn two times.
  4. In the Pricing Levels pane, click the Net checkbox to select it.
  5. Click Save or press F8.

When you apply the Net pricing rule to an item, it has the following discount restrictions:

  • A pricing plan percentage discount is not given.
  • A prompt payment discount is not given.
  • Rich Rewards: Rewards points will not be earned.
  • At checkout, manager approval will be required under the following conditions:
    • A manual price change
    • An F4-Discount Item price change
    • Clearing the Net pricing rule

Note: To exclude Net items from manual percentage discounts at checkout see How to prevent manual discounts from applying to Net items 

See the following screen shots:

NET option in inventory


NET Inventory option


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Printed on: 6/29/22