SpeedScript support for the Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP)

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This feature is only available for SpeedScript pharmacy integration. Wisconsin’s ePDMP (Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) for Pharmacy now requires additional information about the person picking up a controlled substance prescription. To support this requirement, in Paladin, in the Controlled Substance window that collects information about the person picking up the prescription, the Relationship of […]

View product images in Advanced Lookup

New Features

This feature requires database version 4.67 and is currently available for Ace and True Value EDI suppliers. When available, you can view a product image in the Advanced Lookup window. Images are added during EDI processing. When an image is available, a magnifying glass will appear in Advanced Lookup search results. Click the magnifying glass […]

Exclude special orders from earning rewards

New Features

This feature applies to Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and Repeat Rewards. In a just few steps, you can automatically exclude special orders from earning rewards. Step 1: In Paladin, go to File > Setup > Class tab and create a new class for special orders. We suggest a class name like this: SO Rewards Exclusion […]

Paladin report enhancements

Features and Updates, New Features

We’ve updated some of our popular reports with new features. Excel version of the Credit Card Deposit Report We’ve added an Excel version of the Credit Card Deposit Report with a complete list of transactions as well as separate tabs for each employee or terminal, depending on your report settings. Excel Transaction Report gets a […]

Take Paladin with You on the Go

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Our innovative platform and intuitive point of sale already deliver complete control of your business. Now take it with you on the go with our mobile devices and apps. The Touch Dynamic Quest III and Samsung Tab Active2 paired with our Mobile2 suite of applications give you access to Paladin anywhere you have WiFi or cellular service.

Create a new purchase order for backordered items

New Features

You can create a new purchase order with the backordered items from an existing purchase order (PO) with the Revise PO feature in the PO module. This feature will simultaneously create a new PO for the backordered items while closing and cancelling the backorders on the existing PO. The previously-backordered items on the new PO […]

Itemized Excel spreadsheet added to email statements

Features and Updates, New Features

For customers that receive statements by email, this new feature automatically includes an Excel spreadsheet with a customer’s monthly charges, itemized by project, if applicable. The spreadsheet complements  the PDF statements that customers already receive, and includes individual sheets (tabs) for: Statement Information – store information and statement summary. All Transactions – an itemized list […]