Build: 7768

Date: 02-Oct-13

You may now store a nearly unlimited number of customer email address for each customer. Well, a thousand characters worth of email addresses anyway. For most of us that is an unlimited amount. PLUS Paladin POS now sports a sharp new email address management system to make day to day use of all these email addresses fast and easy.

Each customer’s E-mail address field will now display one email address. If that customer has additional email addresses stored, three ellipses will be displayed indicating additional information is present.



Click on the E-Mail address field to access the new Address Manager:



All addresses listed in a customer’s Address Manager will receive a copy of all emails. A future version of Paladin POS will support specific addresses receiving a specific type of message i.e. quotes vs. statements vs. invoice reprints. Watch future Release Documents for messages regarding further expansion of this new feature.