Build: 2_901
Build date: 3-Oct-17

This feature only applies to multi-store versions of Paladin Point of Sale.

A new multi-store feature lets you recall a quote that was created in a different store (remote quote), edit it (optional), and then complete the purchase.

To access remote quotes, in the Invoice/Quote module, on the bottom ribbon, click Recall Transaction or press F6.

In the Recall Transaction window, select Quote, and then select the Show for All Stores checkbox to show the quotes for all stores. This checkbox only appears when you select Quote.

In the Show for All Stores view, the Store # column shows the ID of the store where a quote was created. This column replaces the Emp # (employee number) column that normally appears.

To view a quote, highlight it, and then click Recall or press F12.

You can edit a remote quote, and then click Checkout or press F8 to complete the purchase.

Note: Currently, you cannot save a remote quote. Look for this feature in future announcement.

When you sell the items on a remote quote, a Delete Stored Transaction window appears during the checkout process. The window shows the quote’s memo (Transaction) and the ID of the store that created it (Store).

To delete the quote from the remote store when the purchase is complete, click DELETE. Otherwise, click Next.



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