BOGO has become one of the most popular and often used acronyms in the retail lexicon and Buy One, Get Ones are one of the most effective sales promotions in the business. Research shows that 93% of shoppers admit to taking advantage of a BOGO sale and 66% of them prefer them to any other kind of sales promotion. So, BOGOs are an easy way to bring customers to your store and setting them up in Paladin is just as easy.

Whether you want to offer a simple buy one, get on free promotion or a more advanced BOGO discount, you can design your own BOGO offer in mere minutes. And, our new Advanced Sale designer will guide you smoothly through the setup process with helpful explanations along the way.

The Paladin BOGO designer lets you set up three types of BOGO promotions.

BOGO type


Buy One Get One

Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of the same item for free or at a discount.


·         Buy 1, get one free (Get 2 for 1)

·         Buy 1, get 50% off the second item

Mix and Match

Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of a different item in the same sale list for free or at a discount.


·         Buy a BBQ and get a BBQ cover free (same sale list)


Buy One Get Another

Buy one (or more) of an item and get one (or more) of an item from a different sale list at a discount.



  • Buy a bird feeder (sale list 1) and get a bag of bird seed free (sale list 2)


BOGO sales can be set up quickly in just a few steps:

  1. Choose your BOGO sale type from the table above.
  2. In Paladin, go to File > Setup > Sale List tab.
  3. Create a sale list (or lists), and set the sale list Type to Advanced Sale.
  4. Import or add sale items to the sale list(s).
  5. Select the sale list and then click Create Pricing Plan at the bottom of the Sale List tab.
  6. Name the pricing plan and select Apply to all Transactions.
  7. In the new Advanced Settings section, select the BOGO Sale Type that you want to create.
  8. Depending on the Sale Type you select, applicable sale options will appear. As you set these options, other options may appear. Continue to set the options until no more appear. Then, click Save.

For a more detailed description, see How to create a custom BOGO sale.

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