Build:  8362-3

Date:  09-Jul-14

A function common to many multi-store operations is to create a purchase order for one store and copy or duplicate this PO into other store’s pending purchase orders.  Paladin POS Multi-store now contains this sophisticated feature.  Purchase Order creation is unchanged.  Build your PO as you always done.  Command F1 Buy to execute your purchase, choose the normal and appropriate answers through the PO completion wizard to finish your PO.  At this point, should our new feature have been enabled AND approved as an option during creating a PO, a familiar Remote Update box is displayed allowing you to pick and choose which stores are to receive a copy of this PO.

The following graphic displays the new Copy Purchase Order wizard.


Press ESC or click Cancel to perform no copy functions to other stores.  Check / uncheck the selection boxes for each distant store to your satisfaction.  Press F8 Run to execute the copy command to all selected locations.  Store by store a message of “connecting” and either “successful” or “unsuccessful” will be displayed for each location.  Search the Paladin Feature Browser for the word DISTANT for many articles related to distant updates.  Remember that most distant updates require about ½ a second per store to perform.

Important factors to understand:  The original store’s PO will print / email / upload as it has always done.  All copies of purchase orders do not automatically print / email or upload in the distant store.  Everyone’s “mission requirement” for the copied purchase orders isn’t known at this time.  If auto print / email / upload is needed, we will provide these extended features in a future build.  Should you need to perform any of these output functions today, log into that store, find the PO and select F6 Reprint or F5 Resend from the PO Receive – Confirm Receive screen.

You will find all store specific data was updated when the PO was copied.  This allows items like store specific account numbers and shipping / billing address to always be correct.  Naturally the distant store’s Quantity On Order and On Order History Viewer are correctly populated.

To enable this new feature, Enterprise Remote Updates must have been configured and tested by Paladin Customer Service.  If that requirement has been met, click File – Setup – Company and scroll down the screen to the Purchase Orders group box.  Check the box beside “Enable Copy PO To Other Stores” and click Save.

We hope our new feature reduces your work load even further.

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