Build:  8290

Date:  04-Jun-14

Some stores don’t want inventory item’s regular retail price to show / print on invoices.   We understand this.  Perhaps customer’s realization of a discount received isn’t as great as the perception of a particular discount offered. Or perhaps you want to occasionally invoice items for zero retail and don’t want the customer to easily reference a regular retail for these items.

Paladin POS now provides a control that when enabled will hide (not print) regular retail on all invoices, receipts, quotes and rain checks.  To activate this new feature click File – Setup – Invoice(Store) and place a check mark in the box next to the label of “Hide Item Regular Retail On Invoice”.  Click Save before exiting.

In case anyone doesn’t recall the details of how Regular Retail works on invoices, here is a refresher.  Regular Retail is Price One from inventory.  If the item’s sale price is the same as regular retail, we don’t print regular retail (redundant information simply clutters the invoice).  Should a salesperson ever increase a sale price to an amount greater than regular retail, a new – modified regular retail will be printed on all documents matching the higher-than-retail sale price.

We hope this new feature as well as the refresher is of value to you.

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