Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

It is our desire to help Do It Best stores better utilize the amazing tools contained in their Paladin POS systems.  Towards this end we have enhanced the EDI processing system utilized in DIB stores.  From this release forward, the minimum order quantity (and its market cost) recorded into Paladin POS may not be the smallest order quantity.

The question in front of us all is why not order in larger quantities all the time?  The simple answer is economics.  No one should order what they can’t sell in a reasonable period of time.  Why tie up inventory investment dollars buying a product you make exactly ZERO profit on when you could use those dollars to buy a product that could sell?  If you agree with this observation the single remaining issue is to pick the “correct” order multiple for each product each time the product is updated via EDI.

Our new system allows users to define a dollar value in File – Setup – Supplier – Do It Best – Break Pack Threshold $ field.  Paladin POS will always pick the largest order multiple that will not exceed the Break Pack Threshold value.  Our suggestion is to be quite conservative with the value chosen for your store.  We suggest a value between $4.00 and $15.00 for your initial tests.  If you feel the order multiples used on your suggested order reports are too small, increase this supplier specific value to a higher number.  If order multiples feel too large, reduce the Break Pack Threshold value for DIB.

Please understand these values are reviewed, calculated and updated during the File Maintenance downloads and subsequent EDI processing of these files.  It is also important to understand that DIB file maintenance records contain ONLY inventory items that have updated information to be shared with stores.  The initial establishment of updated minimum order quantities may take some time before DIB updates most of your inventory.  Should you change the recorded Break Pack Threshold $, this update window starts over.

The most expedited pathway to update your existing inventory data would be to request and process a DIB all item maintenance file.  Talk to Paladin Customer Service about helping you with this task.  We also urge all stores to utilize additional training through the dedicated Paladin Trainers who want nothing more than for your store to succeed.  Contact us today for an appointment that fits your schedule.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact