To view and analyze your customer’s purchase history (and account payment history for your charge customers) in Excel, Paladin has two report options.

Instructions on viewing these reports are provided in:

Report Detail

This option gives line item details for each item purchased by the customer, including:

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Invoice #
  • Price Sold
  • Qty Sold
  • Date Sold
  • Current SOH
  • Current Price

Excel Report Detail
Figure 1: Report Detail Excel report

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Report Summary

This option gives a summary of the items (the total quantity and price spread of each item) a customer recently bought, including:

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Qty Sold
  • Current SOH
  • Lowest Price
  • Highest Price

This report groups individual purchases of the same item. For example, if a customer bought 1 of item (part number) P7890 in one purchase, and then later purchased 50 of the same item, the Report Summary will show a quantity sold value of 51 and gives the price spread across both purchases.

Note: Figure 1 image shows the prior Report Detail representing the same sales in Figure 2. Compare them to see the differences between these reports.

Excel Report Summary
Figure 2: Report Summary Excel report

You can access these reports in Paladin’s Invoice/Quote module when you select a customer and then view their invoice history in the Advanced Lookup window.

Report Summary and Report Detail on the Advanced Lookup History tab
Figure 3: Invoice/Quote module/History tab/Report Summary and Report Detail options

The following table shows the values contained in each report.

Sale information by item Appears in Report Summary Appears in Report Detail
Part Number X X
Description X X
Invoice #   X
Price Sold   X
Qty Sold X (total for all invoices) X (per purchase)
Date Sold   X
Current SOH X X
Current Price   X
Lowest Price X  
Highest Price X  

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How to view Report Summary and Report Details

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Invoice/Quote module.
  2. In the Customers list, select the customer.
  3. On the bottom ribbon of the module, click F1 Advanced Lookup.
  4. In the Advanced Lookup window, click the History tab.
  5. When the History tab opens, keep the default settings, and then click Find to view the customer’s purchase history.
  6. Choose a report option:
    • To create an Excel spreadsheet a summary of the items a customer recently bought, including the total quantity and price spread of each item, click Report Summary.
    • To create an Excel spreadsheet of line item details for each item purchased by the customer, including the purchase date, invoice number, item quantity and price, click Report Details.

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Printed on: 12/07/22