This article describes how to set up an employee with specified permissions to Paladin Point of Sale features and data.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup.
  2. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Employees tab.
  3. Select a current employee from the list, or click New to add an employee.
  4. In the Store Access pane, select the checkboxes for the permissions that you want to apply for this employee.
  5. If you want the employee to receive Paladin Point of Sale updates, enter the employee’s email address in the Email box.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Close.
If you grant this permission The employee will be able to
Admin Access
  • Access to these Paladin Configuration (File>Setup) settings (tabs): Credit Card, Employees, Network, and Taxes.
  • Access to Log data in Data Viewer (Maintain > Data Viewer)
  • Change the date in Paladin.
  • Merge customers and inventory items.
  • Designate items as non-inventory items.
  • Void customer transactions in the Customer Friendly Sales History viewer.
  • Make changes to email settings (File > Setup > Forms tab > Email Options). 

Note: Stores that use TranSentry for credit card processing must set an admin password instead. This type of store is not common. and is the only type of store that can use admin passwords. 

Manager Override Enter a password to approve returns, process transactions with the cash drawer open, apply specified discounts at checkout, process cash drops, and transact a check amount that is over $100.00.
Maintain Setup Access the Paladin Configuration window.
Invoicing Access the Invoice/Quote module.
Returns – Charge Only (under Invoicing) Limit refunds for returns to the Charge payment type.

  • To receive credit, the customer must have a non-zero credit limit with the store.
  • The original transaction can be any payment type, such as cash or check.
Inventory Access the Inventory module.


(under Inventory)

Access the Inventory module, but prevents the ability to make adjustments.


(under Inventory)

Access the PaladinNsight Dashboard.
PO Access the Purchase Order module.
EDI Access the EDI functions. EDI access must be enabled by Paladin Support.
Enterprise Access Access all Inventory management functions for every store except Paladin Configuration for Multi-Store.
Read-Only Enterprise Inventory AcAccess the Inventory module but not the ability to make adjustments.
Enterprise Configuration Access the Administrative Multi-Store Setup in Paladin Configuration.
Reports Access the Reports module.

Daily Balance Reports Only

(under Reports)

Access the Daily Register Balance Report only.
Maintain Customers

Access the Customers module.

Important: If customer accounting control is enabled (File > Setup Company tab, select Allow Customer Accounting Control Per Employee selected), then this setting has reduced permissions to change customer information and full access will require an additional access level — Customer Accounting Access. If customer accounting control is not enabled (default), then the Maintain Customers access level provides full customer control. 

Customer Accounting Access

(under Maintain Customers)

Note: This setting is only available if the Allow Customer Accounting Control Per Employee option on the File > Setup > Company tab is selected.

When available, this setting enables these permissions when Maintain Customers is selected.

  • Change a customer’s credit limit or other settings related to a customer store account (Customers module > Credit tab > Credit pane).
  • Delete a customer.
  • Rename a customer.
  • Add or change Projects and Authorized Signers.
  • Adjust Taxes
  • Apply pricing plan discounts.
Save ACH Data Save ACH data in the Customers module.
Profit Analyst Access the Inventory Profit Analyst.


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Printed on: 6/24/22