The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has regulations for protecting customer information from identity theft.  To be PCI compliant, the administrator password must be reset every 90 days.

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the File menu, click Setup.
  3. Click the Employees tab.
  4. In the Administrator Password window, do the following:
  5. In the Admin Password box, enter 7 characters that include one letter.  The numbers can not all be the same.
  6. In the Confirm Password window, enter the password again.
  7. Click Save, and then click Close.
  8. Close Paladin Point of Sale.
  9. Restart Paladin Point of Sale.
  10. Enter the new administrative password that you just created.
  11. If the new password is not effective, contact us:  Paladin Customer Service

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Printed on: 10/25/20