The Receivables settings control how monthly statements are generated in Paladin. 

To access these settings, in Paladin, on the File menu, click Setup and then click the Receivables tab.  




Enable Statement Generation 

Turns on statements.  
Requires Paladin Support 

Invoice Hold When 

Prevent customers with a past due balance from making a charge payment when the payment is overdue by the selected period: 

  • Never: Always allow [default] 
  • Past-due-1: 30 days 
  • Past-due-2: 60 days 
  • Past-due-3: 90 days  

Service Charge % 

Service charge percentage applied to past due balance. 

Default Service Charge Min 

Minimum past due service charge amount. This charge is applied when the calculated service charge % is lower that this amount. 

Min Balance for Discount 

Minimum account balance required to receive a prompt payment discount. 

Service Charge Grace Amount 

Service charge is NOT applied when the statement balance is below this amount. 

Statements Output to Printer 

Turns on printed statements. 
Note: Report printer must be defined on the Network tab. 

Statements Output to File System 

Save statements to your computer, typically in this directory: C:\paladinpos\statements 

Do Not Output Emailed Statements to File System 

Do not save emailed statements to your computer. 

Print Transaction Details with Statements 

Include transaction details on customer statements. 

Print Only Open Item Transaction Details  

Include only transaction details for open items on statements. Open items include unused credits and unpaid invoices.  

Fit Statement to Windowed Envelope 

Adjusts statement margins to fit windowed envelope. 

Include credit balance statements 

Create statements for accounts with a credit balance. 

Display Prompt Payment Discount After Balance is 0 

Apply prompt payment discount when the statement balance is zero. 

Ignore Credits Dated Later Than Today 

Do not include credits for ACH payments scheduled in the future on statements.   

Disable Credit Balance Checkout Message 

Do not show a customer’s credit balance to the cashier on the checkout screen in the Invoice/Quote module 

Print Balances on ROA Receipts 

Include the remaining account balance on an account payment receipt. 

Account Payment Reverse Discount/Payment Fields 

Place the Discount box above the Payment box in all account payment windows. The default is to show the Payment box on top.  

Disable Prompt Pay Discount After Day of month 

Remove a prompt payment discount if payment is not received by this day of the month.  

Disable Emailing Project Workbooks 

Do not include an Excel file with project details with emailed statements  Learn more 

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Printed on: 10/21/21