You may be losing customers and revenue in your store without realizing it. Out-of-stock items, unmanaged inventory, unknown losses, and overstocked items can add up to significant revenue losses. Once you understand these losses, you can take action. The new PaladinNsight™ dashboard and tools (in the Inventory module) are designed to help you.

This overview provides insight on the following:

PaladinNsight dashboard with callouts
Figure 1: PaladinNsight™ dashboard

The misfortune of out-of-stock items  

When you run out of an item, you can lose customers and revenue. When a customer cannot find an item because it is out of stock, you lose that sale. If that customer takes their shopping list to another store, you lose additional sales. If that customer does not return, you lose all future business from that customer.

The PaladinNsight™ Lost Opportunity tool predicts your revenue loss from out-of-stock items and identifies items that need immediate attention to prevent lost opportunities.

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Who’s watching your investment?

Your inventory is your single largest business investment. Like any important financial asset, you must review your inventory to make your money work for you and to address items that are not performing.

Over time, items may be moved or shifted, bin tags may be removed, prices may not be updated in the system, and items may scan incorrectly. Customers expect items to be displayed neatly and labeled with the correct description and price. If items are not checked periodically, the customer experience suffers, and so does your business.

The Investment Review tool tells you the percentage (%) of items that were not recently reviewed and identifies them to keep your inventory investment robust.

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Catching items that are slipping away

There are many reasons that items in your store may disappear, including broken items, misplaced items, inventory count errors, and theft. When items are lost, and you don’t know it, you spend more money to replace them.

The Loss Experience tool shows lost investment dollars from missing items and tells you where to look so you can take immediate action.

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The burden of having too much

When you have more of an item than you can sell, your money is tied up in non-performing assets. That money could be used instead to expand your product selection, improve your customer service, or build your business in other ways. While you may be aware of overstock on an item-by-item basis, you may not realize the impact on a storewide level.

The Non-Performing Assets tool shows the investment dollars wasted on surplus items and helps you evaluate your purchasing habits.

PaladinNsight™ dashboard was built to help you grow your business

The PaladinNsight™ dashboard and its tools – Lost Opportunity, Investment Review, Loss Experience, and Non-performing Assets – were built for store owners and managers to help stores succeed and thrive.

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Printed on: 12/07/22