Build: 7154.1-2

Date: 06-Nov-12

Every once in a while a PO is received in error (such as receiving a PO that created an EDI invoice) and the easiest method of cleaning up the mistake would be to undo the quantity added to stock on hand. Paladin POS now contains a feature to do exactly this.

To use this feature, access the PO module, select F5 Receive Mode, F6 Find PO, and select the radio button option for Closed POs. Now only completed POs will be displayed in the Matching Purchase Orders window. Use the PO Details selection window if needed to further zoom in to the PO in question. Highlight the desired PO and click Open.

Naturally no un-received lines are displayed. If you wish to see the entire PO press F4 Show All. Confirm this is the PO you wish to un-receive and press F8 Process. On the Confirm Receive screen press the new F9 Undo Receiving button. A window appears titled “Undo PO Receive Events” with a message of “You are about to undo receiving events for this PO. Only Stock On Hand will be adjusted for items that were received”. Press F8 OK button to begin.

The PO is now reset to an un-received state (open) and all received quantities have been subtracted from stock on hand. The inventory stock on hand History Viewer will display an entry for the Undo Receive detailing the quantity added back to stock. No changes are made to Qty on order, average costs or changes in retails caused by ref margin calculations.

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