Build: 7508.1/2

Date: 01-May-13 

The task of reconciling your received purchase orders against your supplier’s statement has become easier with this release of Paladin POS. You have always been able to reconcile an individual PO against a supplier’s invoice with the Received Items Report. You may now generate a list of purchase orders (and totals) based on your own selection criteria.

In the Receive PO system, select F6 Find PO and specify your search requirements on the left side of the screen. When the desired group of purchase orders is displayed in the Matching Purchase Orders window, click the Received POs Report button (bottom row, second button from the left). All your purchase order data will be instantly displayed on an Excel worksheet along with header information detailing your search choices. Note the pertinent columns are automatically totaled for easy comparison to the supplier’s statement. Since this is an Excel worksheet, you may easily sort and organize the data to best serve your needs.

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