Build: 9480 Case 55175
Build date: 12-Nov-15

The PaladinNsight™ Lost Opportunity Tool now excludes the following items from its out-of-stock item list:

  • Seasonal items that are out-of-season.
  • Items that have an open purchase order.

In addition, when you click Excel Report to export a list out-of-stock items when a supplier is selected in the Lost Opportunity Viewer, the Excel spreadsheet will now contain the out-of-stock items for that supplier only. Previously, out-of-stock items for all suppliers were exported, even when a specific supplier was selected.

Lost Opportunity Viewer

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The Lost Opportunity Tool is part of the PaladinNsight™ dashboard and tools that are available to manager and higher-level employees on the Inventory module in Paladin Point of Sale. For more information about this tool, see the following articles:

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