Build: 6740.1-2

Date: 21-Feb-12

QR (quick response) codes are a square ‘barcode’ that allows users of internet enabled smart phones to scan the code and be instantly connected to relevant web based content for your business. Customers will be immediately connected to your new web page detailing this month’s promotion, or to a customer feedback page, or display valuable coupons and special offers, or simply providing additional product information to the customer. The use of consumer accessed QR codes is exploding and your store should be riding the wave rather than trying to catch up.

This version of Paladin POS contains features that allow you to store a QR code in POS and cause it to print on the bottom of all your sales receipts and invoices along with four lines of text detailing the offer to your customers. QR codes can be generated using a variety of free tools easily found using your favorite search engine. Regardless of the size QR code generated, the image will be formatted to 100 x 100 pixels on the receipt. Formats .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .tif are supported.

To enable QR codes in your store, click File – Setup – Forms and scroll down the screen to the “Invoice QR Code” data group box. Check the box beside “Enable Invoice QR Code”. Click “Upload”, browse to the location of your new QR code and click “Open”. The fields “QR Message” 1-4 allow you to display a marketing message to your customers along with the QR code. Click “Save” and close Setup.

Every invoice will now display your new message and QR code on the bottom of the invoice just below the invoice barcode. Happy Marketing!

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