Build:  8042

Date:  19-Feb-14

As more stores utilize Credit Cards On File with the new P2PE credit card encryption systems, periodic maintenance of this stored data is required.  Our new report allows accounting departments to quickly and easily request an Excel worksheet of all stored credit cards (tokens) that expire on or before the last day of this calendar month.

Find this new feature at Reports – Customers – Customer Lists.  A new report is listed under the name of “Credit Card Expiration”.  Highlight it and select F12 Next.  A Report Settings selection screen is displayed but informs you that “This report has no selection criteria”.  Press F12 Run Report to generate your worksheet.

As in the previous new credit card report released in build 7989 we’ve included the customer’s primary email address in the worksheet.  This allows a single click to open an email so you may ask the customer for updated information regarding her/his card.

We hope you find this feature allows your store to provide even better customer service by having credit cards (tokens) on file that actually work!

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