Your Paladin database is busy recording data from your store operations day in and day out. Over time, this daily data piles up and can impact your database performance. Most of this data is old and no longer needed by your store. To keep your database working smoothly and efficiently, Paladin recommends that you give your database a tune-up every two years to remove this unnecessary data.  Paladin Swifter™, our database optimization service, will do just that.

Paladin Swifter™ speeds up your database by reducing its size. When you clear out old information that is no longer relevant, the results will be noticeable. You’ll experience:

  • Speedier backups─up to three times faster.
  • Quicker reports─up to 10 times faster.
  • Faster product searches.
  • Shorter case resolution times (when a database transfer is required). Your issue could be solved in minutes instead of hours.

This service costs $499. We believe the benefits are well worth it.

To purchase this service from the Paladin online store, copy and paste the following link into your web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome:

A member of our technical support team will contact you after your purchase.

You can also contact Paladin Support at 1-800-725-2346, option 2 or

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Printed on: 10/05/22