This article provides instruction on creating Invoice Margin Analysis reports.

To create a report:

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module.
  2. In the Report Area pane, select Sales Analysis > What I Need To Know.
  3. In the Report List pane, select Invoice Margin Analysis Report.
  4. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next.
  5. In the Invoice Margin Analysis Report window, fill in the Dates fields.
  • In the first Detail by: field, select from the following:
    • Department
    •  Primary Supplier
    • Location
    • Class 1
    • Class 2
    • Class 3
  • In the second Detail by: field, select criteria to report.
  1. In the Sorting Options pane, select F12 Run Report.

An Excel icon will appear on the bottom task bar of your computer. Click the Excel icon to open the report.

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Printed on: 12/07/22