This feature only applies to stores that actively use one or more of these EDI suppliers: Ace Hardware, Orgill Hardware, True Value Hardware, Emery Jensen Distribution (EJD), and House Hasson). 

The money you invest in your store’s inventory has a direct and significant impact your bottom line. While you can’t control supplier costs, you can shop around. But comparing suppliers is a tedious and time-consuming task. Plus, supplier costs are always changing—the supplier with the lowest cost today may not have the lowest cost tomorrow. What if you could automatically determine the lowest cost supplier?

Introducing Order Analyst™—the latest addition to Paladin’s business-building Market Driven Inventory Management™ technology. Order Analyst maintains current EDI supplier costs for your inventory items and can quickly compare them to determine the lowest-cost EDI supplier for purchase orders.

How it works

Order Analyst™ features are automatically turned on in you store. However, the lowest-cost EDI Supplier feature is only available when you have one or more of these EDI Suppliers: Ace Hardware, Orgill Hardware, and True Value Hardware.  In the following feature description, the term “supported EDI suppliers” refers to these three suppliers.

EDI supplier costs are maintained in your inventory item’s supplier list
In Paladin Point of Sale, during EDI processing, Order Analyst will automatically maintain supported EDI supplier costs (when available) in your inventory item’s supplier data.

To support this feature, in the Inventory module, when you click Suppliers or press F11, in the Edit Suppliers window, two new columns appear: Mkt Cost and Broken Carton. EDI processing sets these new values for supported EDI suppliers only, and they cannot be manually edited. If a supported EDI supplier is not in the table, and there is supplier cost data available for that item, EDI processing will automatically add the EDI supplier. A Mkt Cost of 0 means that there is no supplier cost data.

When Order Analyst looks for the item’s lowest cost, it looks at nonzero Mkt Cost values in these columns.

Mkt Cost and Broken Carton columns in Edit Suppliers window

Note: The Mkt Cost value in the Edit Suppliers window may not match the Mkt cost value on the item’s Pricing tab.

Create lowest-cost supplier purchase orders from a single purchase order

To learn how Order Analyst can create purchase orders for different suppliers from a single purchase order created by any method, see Overview: Order Analyst: Create supplier POs for a suggested order or other PO in seconds. Methods include the Suggested Order Report, an RF unit ordering process, imported purchase order files, or any other process that creates a purchase order.

Diagram showing Order Analyst created lowest-cost supplier purchase orders from a single PO with no supplier selected


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Printed on: 6/29/22