15-Sept-2020: A recent Ace Hardware notice titled “Big Green Egg: SKU Conversion and Kit SKUs” mentions the need to update your Big Green Egg (BGE) SKUs with Ace SKU numbers to support online BGE sales and kits. A few weeks ago, Paladin sent a notice suggesting that you to run the following utility to support BGE online sales. If you’ve run this utility. no additional action is required. If you have not run the utility (or are note sure if you did), and you want to sell BGE products online, follow the directions below to run it now.

Big Green Egg items sold on Acehardware.com now require  Ace Hardware SKUs. Action is required to ensure that your customers can purchase Big Green Egg products online from your store.

What You Need to Do

You must manually run an Ace Hardware SKU conversion utility for Big Green Egg.

    • The utility must be run outside of business hours when no one is using Paladin Point of Sale.
    • The conversion is a one-time process and can be run on any terminal.
    • If you are a multi-store business, you only need to run the conversion utility in one store.
    • The conversion utility will make the following updates to applicable Big Green Egg items in your inventory:
      • The current primary part number in Paladin Point of Sale will be moved to the alternate part number list.
      • The primary part number will be set to the Ace Hardware SKU for that item.

How part numbers change in Paladin

To update Big Green Egg items in your inventory with Ace Hardware SKUs, do this: 

    1. On the Maintain menu, click Utilities, click Ace Utilities, and then click Ace BGE SKU conversion.

      Accessing the BGE conversion utility

    2. When prompted to continue with the conversion, click Yes. The conversion make take a few minutes.

      Message to proceed with conversion

    3. When the conversion process complete, a report and confirmation message will appear. The report shows a list of Big Green Egg items, and the MatchFound column identifies items that were found and updated in your inventory. Click OK to close the message.

      BGE SKU conversion report

    4. To view the SKU conversion report in Excel, click View in Excel. You can access the Excel report later from this directory: C:\PaladinPOS\Export\AceSkuConverter.

      BGE SKU conversion report in Excel

      Tip Matches are made based on UPC codes. If you see an unmatched item that you think should be converted, make sure the UPC code is in the item’s alternate part number list.

    5. If you update inventory data to obtain more matches, repeat the previous steps to run the utility again. If the Excel SKU conversion report file is open on your computer, close the file before you re-run the utility. Otherwise, the conversion report data may not update. There is no harm in running the conversion tool more than once.


If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.

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Printed on: 5/16/22