Many suppliers provide an all-item catalog that can be imported into Paladin Point of Sale through an EDI process. While the complete catalog is stored, only items in your active inventory appear in reports or searches (unless you search for the item specifically). Catalog items that are not in active inventory are called obscure inventory items.

An obscure inventory item becomes an active inventory item in the following scenarios:

  • You add the item to a purchase order.
  • You receive the item when you process a purchase order.
  • You view the item in the Invoice/Quote or Inventory modules.
  • You scan the item using an RF unit or barcode scanner.

If you view an obscure item in Paladin Point of Sale, but you do not want to make it an active inventory item, open the item in the Inventory module, and then click Delete on the bottom ribbon, or press F2.

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Printed on: 6/24/22