1. Open Paladin POS.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Customers module.
  3. In the Customers tab, in the Customer drop-down list, select a customer.
  4. Click the Balances tab.
  5. On the bottom ribbon, click Account Payment or press F5.
  6. In the Discount Allowed box, enter the total amount owed.
  7. In the Amount of Payment box, enter this amount: 0.00
  8. In the Check number box, enter this amount: 0000
  9. Click the F12 Accept.
  10. Click the Credit tab.
  11. In the Credit Limit box, enter this amount: 0
  12. Click Save or press F12.
  13. On the bottom ribbon, click the Payment Management module or press F6.
  14. In the Credit Invoices pane, select the line item that includes the Discount Allowed amount.
  15. In the Credit Notes Field, click inside the empty pane, enter notes, and then click Save Item.


    • To delete the customer from the system, click Delete Customer or press F2.
    • To identify the account as in collections, add a checkout note or rename the account with COLLECTIONS as a prefix.
    • To avoid printing the statement for a particular account, in the Form Control pane, make sure the Create month-end statement checkbox is not selected.


If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.

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Printed on: 10/16/21