In order to remind customers to remove their credit card from the device, you need to ensure the volume is set to maximum on the Equinox LUXE 8500i device.

To adjust the volume:

  1. On the Equinox LUXE 8500i device, hold down the magnifying glass button for 3 seconds until the device beeps.
  2. Quickly press the magnifying glass button twice. You’ll then see two icons.
  3. Tap the Gear icon labelled Setup.
  4. Select the gear icon labelled System Config.
  5. Select the waveform icon labelled Audio.
  6. In the first screen under Audio is an option to forward beeps to headphones. Leave this off and press Next.
  7. In the Built-in Speaker Volume setting, press the plus arrow to increase the volume to maximum, then press Next.
  8. On the Media Volume screen, press Save.
  9. Click the X on the System Config screen. This will take you back to the Main menu.
  10. Select the Utilities icon with the BlockChyp logo.
  11. Click Done.

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Printed on: 12/07/22