Because theft, computer failure, electrical outages, and natural disasters can occur, it is vital to protect your store by maintaining backup copies of your data.

We set up your system so that Scheduled Tasks in Microsoft Windows™ can automatically generate a file on Terminal-1 and place a copy on Terminal-2. That way you have two copies of the same file.  The backups are scheduled to occur every night.  However, because these backups occur in Microsoft Windows, they are not controlled by Paladin Point of Sale.

If you have not purchased the DataWise ™ backup service, then we recommend that you do the following every day:

  • Every morning:
    • Verify that the backup occurred in Terminal 1.
    • Verify that the copy of the backup exists in Terminal 2.
    • Copy the backup file from the previous day to a USB flash drive.
  • Every evening:  Take the USB flash drive home with you.

With the DataWise ™ backup service, you only need to copy a backup once per month.  DataWise™ is an offsite automatic backup solution that instantly stores and keeps client databases on the Paladin cloud. All data changes are uploaded to the Paladin cloud every night. If a you experience data-loss of any kind, Paladin can quickly restore the data to the previous night’s backup.  To learn more about protecting your data from worst case scenarios, read this:  DataWise™ automatic off-site backups

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Printed on: 10/23/18