Because Plan B is Only a Matter of Time

You already protect your business against worst-case scenarios. Why not your data? DataWise™, part of our family of BizManage™ Services, creates a secure off-site backup of your point of sale data. We hope you never experience fire, theft, natural disaster, or a computer system failure. But if you do,  we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

Auto Backup

The backup takes place automatically after hours, seven days a week. Nothing to manage or remember.

Auto Save

Your point of sale data is copied on our professionally managed in-house server — secure until you need it.

Quick Recovery

If disaster strikes, your data will be recovered in no time. Get your business up and running again quickly.

Your Data, Safe & Secure

Accounts receivable, inventory, sales tax information, customer data, along with all the other data stored in Paladin Point of Sale, will be backed up and quickly restored if disaster strikes.

Rapid Rescue

We can restore your data to a hard drive or computer, and get it back to you, in as little as 24 hours.

Set-up is Instant!

Honestly, there is no set-up. Once you purchase DataWise™ on the webstore, you’re done!

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Causes of Data Loss

  • Hardware Failure 40%
  • Human Error 29%
  • Software Corruption 13%
  • Theft 9%
  • Computer Viruses 6%
  • Hardware Destruction 3%


Average Cost for One Hour of Downtime For a Small Company

. . . a company that experiences a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50 percent of companies suffering such a predicament will be out of business within five years.

David M. Smith, PhD

Graziadio School of Business and Management | Pepperdine University

Immediate Benefits

100% Automatic

Your Data, Safe & Secure

Rapid Rescue

Always Current Recovery Plan

Peace of Mind

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to the unexpected.

Protect your data with DataWise™.

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